5 Best Books for Start-up Founders

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5 Best Books for Start-up Founders

Start-up Books

You’ve probably heard this more than a couple of times: an entrepreneur needs his reading list. And you know what? Damn right!
Books are one of the most valuable sources of knowledge you can get your hands on. One of the challenges you might face is finding the right mother lode of information. In order to find something that will take you to a a higher level, guide you through unique processes and inspire you and your ideas, we’ve collected the 5 best books for Start-up founders in 2017:

1. The LEAN Startup
Start-up BooksEric Ries defines a Start-up as a human institution that creates something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.
His bestselling book The Lean Startup states that most of the failures of new businesses can be prevented as they are more flexible and can adapt to the world around it. This approach is changing the way companies are built and products are launched:
create, measure, learn, repeat!
Ries follows the same approach as PANDO., which focuses on humanity (the founders). A successful start-up cannot rely on a brilliant idea, but also requires human power to build and boost that idea.
Think lean, know what your customers wants, adapt and adjust your vision before it’s too late – that is what you can get from The Lean Startup to help you build your business.

2. Start With Why
Start-up BooksWhy do you do what you do?
Every company and entrepreneur can explain what they do and how they do it; but only a few can explicitly explain why they do it. That is the essence of success nowadays; when you have a clear reason for doing what you actually do. Ask yourself why you do certain things it will enable you to inspire others and achieve remarkable things. According to Sinek, “those who start with why never manipulate, they inspire.” His book addresses how & why you should start with why in order to achieve something great.
Start With Why draws on a lot of real-life stories and is for anyone who wants to inspire others.

3. Hooked
Start-up BooksBuilding customer habits can be a challenging process, right? But worry not!
The 4-step process introduced by Nir Eyal draws attention to consecutive hook cycles that allow successful products to achieve their ultimate purpose of bringing customers back to you again and again and again. The core learning of this bestselling book is how to convert external triggers (customer engagement) into internal triggers (customer returning back to you).
Hooked is highly recommended for anyone who designs, manages and/or markets products and intends to introduce a unique customer experience.

4. Exponential Organisations
Start-up BooksTechnology is one of THE emerging powers today. When it comes down to new businesses, technology allows organizations to speed up processes and accelerate exponentially. This 5-star book is a phenomenal read for any business of any size (from start-ups to multi-national groups) that aims to become an Exponential Organization by applying technological innovations.
Exceed your benchmarks, grow exponentially & don’t forget to be at least 10 x better than you were yesterday.

Bold will drive you to behave like our mammalian ancestors. It enables you to go from “I’ve got an idea” to “I run a billion-dollar company” in a pace that you’ve probably never expected. Of course, the authors do not miss out on sharing best practices that allow you to influence today’s multitasking crowd and get them fascinated by your idea. Also not forgetting to mention the
6 D’s of Exponential, which we have already commented on earlier. After you’ve read the book you will have an idea of how to make your boldest dream come true!

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