Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – PANDO. Ventures


1How long does the accelerator program last and what role does PANDO. play?
The first two stages of PANDO's accelerator program last up for two to three months. During this period PANDO. participates actively in the company-building process, including iterative concept modifications, legal and finance regulations, etc. Starting with the third stage of the program PANDO. becomes a more passiv partner for your company and takes the role of a longterm hands-on shareholder. More details can be found in our accelerator program schedule..
2Does PANDO. focus on any specific business sectors?
PANDO. does not focus on any specific business sector, we rather look for digital business models with low market entry barriers within small but high growing markets.
3How much funding do I get and when?
PANDO. as itself is not an investor, we take the role as a hands-on co-founder. We have a great network consisting of SEED or SERIES A/B++ investors. You will be ready for the first finance round after 3 months attending our accelerator program (€100.000 - €400.000).
4How much equity does PANDO. take?
PANDO. takes a minority share after the first two stages of the accelerator program have been completed successfully. It's really important for us, that the founder has always the major share.
5Does PANDO. invest in all companies that go through the accelerator program?
Participating within our program does not automatically mean that we take a long term share of your company. It depends on several things which have to be fulfilled in order to be an equity case for PANDO.
6Does it cost money to participate in the accelerator program?
No. Our accelerator program is focused on a minority share of the potentially incorporated company and is not like a simple service which has to be paid upfront. However, any incidental costs for your drive and fare have to be covered by yourself.
7What is required of me in order to participate in the accelerator program?
PASSION. BELIEVE. MOTIVATION. Besides that, we expect all program participants to a full commitment working around 2-3 days per week in our co-working space near Frankfurt & Wiesbaden (Hesse, Germany) and collaborate with us. If it's physically not possible for you, you can check our online accelerator program 8 Week Company.
8I have an Idea, but not a final product. Can I still apply for the program?
You should have an approximate idea, but we also have methods to build kickass ideas from scratch with you!
9Do you only invest in early-stage companies?
Primary yes, but we also have formats for mid-stage companies. Our expertise ranges for business basics and go-to-market to scaling and expanding the business model.
10How can I increase my chances to get accepted?
Just be yourself! We are searching for new entrepreneurial rockstars, to be ready for a new part of their life.
11What if my company raised money already?
We also have a format for further developed companies. Just get in touch with us and we will definitely find a solution.