1How long does the accelerator program last and what role does PANDO. play?
The actual program lasts, depending on external factors, about 3 months. During these three months, PANDO participates operationally in the development of ideas/company, including iterative concept development/changes, legal & finance, etc. With the beginning of the long-term partnership (about month 6 after the beginning of the cooperation) PANDO becomes a passive company partner and takes on the role of a strategic partner. More details can be found in our program overview: accelerator program schedule..
2Does PANDO. focus on any specific business sectors?
PANDO does not focus on a specific industry. The main focus is on potential and marketable business ideas with high scalability and easy market entry. This often, but not exclusively, affects digital business models.
3When does the program start?
The beginning of the cooperation is individual. Since we want to respond optimally to the needs of your project, we start when it fits best. Before the active cooperation begins, we plan the programme items precisely fitting and deadline oriented.
4How much funding do I get and when?
PANDO is not a direct investor. We act as an active supporter and have a great network of Seed and Series A/B++ investors. After successfully completing the operational cooperation and fulfilling predefined parameters, you will be given the opportunity to pitch in front of selected investors. Typical seed financing amounts to approximately €100,000 - €400,000, depending on your valuation and capital requirements.
5What is the chance that I can convince an investor of my project after participation?
High in principle. PANDO prepares you as an entrepreneur as well as your start-up for financing. You will be able, subject to external influences, to present your marketable business model to selected investors and collect capital after completion of the program.
6How much equity does PANDO. take?
PANDO. takes over a clear minority share (6-10%) in the company to be founded or already spun off after certain parameters within the business model and the founding team have been fulfilled. At no time will the founding team be charged for our services.
7Does it cost money to participate in the accelerator program?
No. Our program is based on a minority stake in the company founded or to be formed. The only costs amount to your travel to us, as well as food. If both parties are interested, specific consulting and services can also be provided for a fee and without a participation model. (See also https://pando-services.com..)
8What is expected of me to participate in the Accelerator Program?
We select the participating projects very specifically. Factors such as team building and time availability play a major role here. Local availability is less relevant and does not represent an exclusion criterion as many support services can be provided remotely by PANDO. Nevertheless, we expect a minimum 80% focus on the project, as well as a perceptible passion and motivation.
9I have an Idea, but not a final product. Can I still apply for the program?
Tends to be. Approximately 90% of our selection parameters are based on the founding team, with a rough outline of the idea already in place. In times of high numbers of applicants, however, we refrain from starting projects that have not yet reached a corresponding phase.
10My company is no longer an early-stage project. Can PANDO still help me?
Definitely. Since our program is very individual and project-specific, we can also add real value to more advanced phases. We see our strongest points of contact in areas such as team architecture, brand communication, technical development, networks and process optimization.
11How can I increase my chances to get accepted?
It is important for us to see that you have dealt intensively with your idea. To make your business model clear and to structure it in advance, we recommend that you read our blog articles and apply them to your case. But most importantly, be yourself! Passionate, motivated and enthusiastic about rocking your own business!
12What if my company raised money already?
We also have a format for further developed companies. Just get in touch with us and we will definitely find a solution.