How to Build a Powerful Dream Team for your Startup!

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October 8, 2017
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How to build a powerful Dream-Team for your early-stage Startup

Now a kickass company needs a kick-ass team. Your people are your most valuable resource and it would not do to half-ass it. So are you a young start-up that’s looking to take the world by storm? And now you want to know how to take the next step into recruiting. Well, worry not! We got you covered!

PANDO. Dream Team

Filling in the Blanks
Your fledgling startup needs to fill in these three shoes. The Entrepreneur, the Scaler, and the Optimiser. Only then can the ship sail safely home. So the first question you must ask yourself is, where do you see yourself and in which direction have you developed over the past few years?
Then, you need to recognise in which categories are you still lacking support. Which will lead you to which categories in which you would hire and why. The idea is to bridge any gaps that your pyramid may still have so that all aspects of your business will be covered and you will not be left wanting in any essential department later on.

Get Your Fixer
Far from being just a term in movies, every company could do with a good fixer or a few good fixers. Here we will take a leaf out of Sam Altman’s book, the President of Y Combinator.

„You need someone that behaves like James Bond more than you need someone that is an expert in some particular domain.“

What that means is that you want to be getting someone who embodies the best qualities of James Bond. Sometimes who will get things done and is determined, creative and resourceful and will employ those qualities in the service of your company. Only then can you sit back and have your double vodka martini; shaken, not stirred.

Where Do All These People Hang Out?
Well, there is no easy way to smoke out that diamond in the rough, so you will just have to cast a wide net. We can, however, recommend a few good places where you can start looking.

  • Your own social media channels: Perhaps you already know of a few good people you’d like to have in your team and would be perfect for the job! Or perhaps you know someone who could introduce you to someone. Your social media channels are a good place to start because the more personal connection you have with the people there can grease the path a little better. And there’s no need to look further if what you’re looking for is in your own backyard.
  • University Job Boards: Now this one sounds like a typical, boring option but it really is a good place when you think about it. University job boards are crawling with students eager for job experience and a chance to test their skills out in the field. And these young ingénues are bursting with untapped potential, have not been numbed and dull by the assault of years of working as a corporate drone so their mind and wits are sharp and agile. Sounds like a good place to recruit your own “James Bond”.
  • Recruiting Pages: It just had to be said. These places are where people who are searching go to connect. So give these places a try. A few suggestions would be Angellist, Start up sucht, indeed, Gust, F6s, Taledo, 7 Lanes, etc.
  • LinkedIn Outbound: What if there doesn’t seem to be anyone suitable that’s on a job hunt out there? Well then, why not bring the offer to them? Trawl your LinkedIn networks and extended networks. And if you do happen to find someone you think would be perfect, why not ask them out on that date? See if you can tempt them to come work for you. If you think they’re such a perfect fit, chances are they might think so too, right?

Filtering Applicants
Look at you Mr. Popular! Well, good for you! Now comes time for you to figure out how to sift through all those applications and we recommend that you use a bit of a funnel process.

Perhaps you could consider sending them all an e-mail with a few questions attached. Some good questions would be:

  • What is their Driving Force?
  • Give them a short teaser of the task and see if their train of thought is in line with what is required.
  • What do they expect from the job?
  • And how can we support you?

Candidates with the best answers (to you) can then be moved forward to the next round. That is when you could perhaps invite them over to the office for a relaxed conversation or perhaps a short Skype/telephone interview.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to begin, go get yourself that kick-ass team your venture needs. Happy recruiting!

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