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Living the Life you want (Part 1)
August 23, 2017
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August 30, 2017
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Becoming a Lifestyle Designer

In the last article (Living the Life you want Part 1), we discussed how you could start taking steps towards designing the lifestyle of your own choosing. And if you have chosen to go with it, then you must begin to take steps. It’s all well and good to decide to make changes, but one must actually do it for there to be any results!

Procrastination will be your greatest foe! Don’t you dare fall into its seductive snare!
I myself can attest to the dreadful lure of procrastination but one must be strong and resist its siren song.

Now what do you need in order to start taking steps?
Just two essential things:

1. Clarity of Vision
2. Willingness to Work.

Let’s begin with Clarity of Vision. That simply means that now you have decided that you want to go for what you want, you need to know what it is you want. You need to be clear about your goals because otherwise, how on earth will you work to achieve them? A ship can’t travel to a port if it doesn’t know what port it has to go to. Your goals will determine the steps you take to make them happen. Having no goals and just running off somewhere is akin to blundering around in the dark. If you achieve anything at all that you are happy with, it will most likely be due to pure chance.

Willingness to Work is simply what it is. A willingness to sacrifice time, effort, and maybe a bit of money to get to where you want to be. And work you must! I have a friend who make it a goal of his to get good in billiards up to what he calls “the 80% mark” (if 100% would be the level professionals are at). And he worked at it. He spent hours playing billiards, reading up on techniques, watching professional matches, applying those techniques, practicing his moves and whadaya know, he made it there.

So, How Do You Get Started?

First off, you can start by getting comfy, and visualising your ideal life. Maybe start with your ideal day. What kind of clothes would you wear? What would you eat? How much time would you dedicate to the various activities of your day? Who would you meet? How long would you sleep? You have to get down to the details. Be meticulous.

For example, maybe you would start your day off after a good 8 hours of sleep, none too early mind you, about 10 am maybe. Then you have a healthy breakfast of wholegrain toast, tomato slices, poached eggs and brie cheese while catching up on the daily news on your BBC news app. After that, you change into some comfortable chino shorts, a smart but casual shirt, and your favourite boat shoes. You grab your laptop and head out into the sun to one of your favourite cafés in the city for an hour or so of work while you sip your usual, latte macchiato. After 2 hours of focused and productive work, you saunter over to a great Italian restaurant by the waterfront to lunch with your friends while you discuss the issues of the day; work, politics, business opportunities, new markets, ideas, etc. Then maybe you go off and have a meeting or two, meet some clients? Meet the website designer perhaps? And you wrap it all up by 5.30 pm when you make for home where you will cook a fair-trade beef steak, medium rare to have with a glass of decent wine and you dine with the soft strains of jazz music floating over from your stereo as you wind down for the night.

Next Step (1 Hour a Day)

Now you will dedicate at least 1 hour a day to it. Be it honing your skill in something that will feature in your goals, working on a business idea that will be your new means of income, or networking with the relevant people in the field, consistent creative input is necessary to get the vision off the ground. You need to start building that goal and dedicate yourself to the cause. This means creating quality work or content for your business at least an hour a day. If you want to make it your life, you need to get good! So start working on it. And since this is your project, working hard on it will not feel like hard work.


Being your own boss affords you the kind of freedom you can’t get by working corporate. It will also open up all sorts of avenues and challenges for you that you never even thought of. Entrepreneurs are driven, motivated, dedicated, persevering, creative, open-minded and have a positive attitude. You need to be all those things to be a rockstar entrepreneur but those come more easily once you’re doing what you really love. So maybe starting your own business could hold the keys to the kingdom. Especially if you’ve always had entrepreneurial ambitions.

Do yourself justice and give yourself a chance. Your responsibilities do not have to mean that you forfeit yourself. These few steps could be the beginning of a rewarding and fulfilling life or more precisely, you can become your own lifestyle designer.

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