The 5 most favored off-office working Places for Entrepreneurs!

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August 7, 2017
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Say what?
Yes, you’ve read that right!

Thanks to technology and mobile devices it is much easier to work remote and off-office. There is no longer a necessity to be shackled to your desk if you’d rather work from a different place that takes you into a new atmosphere. In fact, many entrepreneurs do not prefer working at their desks and favour more interesting locales to get the creative juices flowing.

So without further ado, we’ve collected the 5 most favoured working spots of entrepreneurs! Maybe there is something for you here:

1. Co-Working Space – synergy beats everything.
It’s obvious that more and more entrepreneurs surround themselves with passionate people who inspire each other. That is why co-working spaces and offices are brimming with passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses. This allows brisk networking and collaboration as well as the chance to break out of ones comfort zone. Often communicating with others gives you much food for thoughts to help take your idea to the next level. Another benefit of working at a co-working space is the avoidance of loneliness if you happen to run a one-man-show, but are seeking for motivated and passionate people to be around.

2. Coffee Shop – have a coffee & and idea... or two.
Also known as freelance-hotspots or coffices (coffee shop offices), the idea of working at coffee shops allows entrepreneurs to get inspired by (mostly) creative atmospheres and people. Of course, it always depends on where you go, but coffee shops give you the feeling of working in a collaborative atmosphere with others without being interrupted every 10 minutes. Coffee shops do not only serve you what is probably the best coffee in town (or sometimes the worse, but hey we don’t judge) but also offer you free WI-FI; so no worries of missing out on any important emails or slack messages.

3. Park – yeah, the one with the trees.
I know it sounds unusual, but it works!
When the sun is out, and if your friends turn you green with envy because of their holiday pictures or if your neighbor can’t watch your dog, go out and sit in the park! Maybe don’t choose a park with the biggest playground in town and a lot of shrieking children, but rather a nice, quiet meadow ought to do it. Many entrepreneurs who actually go to a park to work on their projects say that it provides you a serene atmosphere, which certainly increases productivity. Besides you probably don’t have WIFI and have to work offline for a couple of hours, which means you can escape from the busy world for just a little while.

4. Public University – FOCUS you must.
Most of us scream “Hell yeah” when we leave university with a degree, thinking to never come back again. BUT, using the facilities of your former educational institution can of course be another option for working on your business idea. A university is a place of concentration, work-frenzy and discipline (at least on campus; the bars are places for a different kind of frenzy, if you catch my drift). Aren’t all these the things entrepreneurs are looking for when considering the best spot to work?
Free high-speed WI-FI is also a bonus at most of these institutions as well as modern rooms, facilities and a multitude of seats to choose from. Apart from this, isn’t it nice to come back to the place where you spend at least a couple of years and evolved most as a person?

5. On Tour – use time, don’t waste it.
Spending useless minutes or even hours to get from point A to point B is pointless.
So why not turning the term “useless” into “productive”?
Again, technology and mobile devices allow us to even work even from places without Internet connection, such as the train or a bus seat while traveling through the city. Especially in the mornings, most people are on their way to work and are filled with motivation for the day. So why not surround yourself with these motivators and use this atmosphere for your business?
Remember: the idea of Dropbox was founded in a bus station.

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