Why passion comes first, and starting a business second!

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April 26, 2017
How to find your real passion!
Mai 3, 2017

Why passion comes first, and starting a business second!

Part 1 of the series: How to start your own business

Are you considering to drop out of university, leave your corporate job or get back into the ring, but you are hesitating if you are the type of person that should found its own business and scale it through the roof? You are constantly asking yourself why the f**k you are doing what you are doing?

We meet dozens of people a week with this exact question in mind and have seen people succeed, struggle along the way and fail miserably. As a disclaimer upfront, just because starting your own company and entrepreneurship is en vogue and everyone is talking about it, doesn´t mean everyone should. There are a lot more opportunities to change your life to become more independent, happier and create lasting impact than a new high risk venture. You should just start with yourself.

In order to help you make the right decision for a journey packed with joyful moments and success – financially and personally – we, based on our experiences, put up key insights and actionable steps to get you started and progressing. This is the first article of the series.

Understand Why You Are Seeking Change
Max has been playing soccer since he could walk and enjoyed everything else around it. He liked watching the big stars compete, playing FIFA on the Playstation and going to the stadium inhaling the atmosphere. After succeeding his high school diploma, the time came for Max to declare his studies. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life or who he wanted to be when he grew up, but it was time to choose. Sport Management seemed like the best decision at the time. After all, he really, really liked sports, especially soccer. His family members were proud, Max, the future sports club manager.

When Max graduated, he didn´t seek a job in a sports club. He moved back home with his family and began to work as a waiter. His parents were confused. This is what Max had enjoyed ever since. Why would we have paid for an expensive university education and when is he going to kick-off his career? Sports management, that was what he was supposed to do.

Truth is, Max lost his interest in playing soccer when he turned twenty and never really enjoyed studying the German sports club system, regulations and the conventions that go along with them. He did not want to work in the shadow and not interact with the sports players that directly influence the success of the club. He had chosen this study track because he enjoyed playing and experiencing sports as a teenager and now as a recent graduate had no clue where to go and what job to look for.

Quick learning side note: Three quarters of people we know, did not go into or do not enjoy working in the field they graduated in. And, do not expect to know what kind of work you are passionate about when graduating

When Marcela turned 38, she had jumped on the fast track after graduating as an engineer, going into sales for a e-mobility company quickly turning head of sales and just switched to another company with a big salary increase and even more influence. She was happily married and everything seemed to turn out great.

However, Marcela didn´t feel great at all. Every morning she had to push herself out of bed and when heading back home after work, she wished to be in the shoes of anyone else but her. She was profoundly unhappy and felt miserable. She lost herself progressing this perfect road of success.

Quick learning side note: A career that is perceived as successful does not mean you are happy. Success should be the result of you doing work you enjoy.

Neither Manuela nor Max knew what their purpose or passion was. And questions such as: How can I make a difference in the world? How can I be happier? When do I start to create a lasting impact? How do I find something I love doing? What is my purpose? And when will I stop struggling with these questions? just did not quiet.

The Golden Key
They began to search for the golden key to experience a well lived and joyful (work) life and could not find it. The answer is, there is no single objective solution, but a journey everyone needs to go through in order to find one´s individual passion and purpose for her (work) life.

And this is where we get back to business and the initial headline. Your passion should come first and the business second. The earlier you accept and start the personal journey, the better.

Take “Nasty Gal Ltd.” as an example, a 22-year-old broke girl named Sophia Amurosa turning her passion for vintage clothes, styling and photography from an eBay store to pay her rent and chai latte to a $300 million+ (in sales) online fashion e-commerce.

So, are you ready to take the first step and start YOUR journey packed with joyful moments and achievements?! (..yes we know about the filing regarding Nasty Gal Ltd. - it is a very interesting case and we will get back to it later)

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