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Today’s entrepreneurs are aching for constant learning.
To be honest, a constantly changing world actually forces us to constantly learning.
Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to find the balance between being busy and absorbing new skills.
That’s why we must ask ourselves the question: how can we learn to learn more efficiently?

What is the answer, you say?
Well, we might just have it!
Here, we will introduce you to 3 simple ways that will help you to keep learning while managing all your responsibilities:

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1. Just fu***** do it.
You’ve probably heard this a couple of times: Learning by Doing.
And guess what? That absolutely makes sense.
As Richard Branson once said, “you don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing and falling over.”
We all know this theory, we were taught it in school. But as you and I both know: the practice looks very different!
Through our accelerator program, we realized how important it is to test and actually do something with your idea. Most of the times, we go by the hands-on trial-and-error principle where we send our ventures out onto the streets and to get real customer feedback before the product is launched. In other words, we do something to get real feedback, we learn and modify things that are still shaky.
Now, tell me a different and better way to receive valuable feedback you can learn from before launching a product?

Don’t wait and estimate!
Start doing and know!

2. Teach what you know
While many of us rely on passive techniques to acquire new skills and knowledge, you should instead stop listening and get active.
Go out, plan a short meeting with your partners and provide knowledge that is worth sharing.
This approach includes reviewing your knowledge and makes your brain taking an active role in the review process. At PANDO. we love sharing our knowledge with our ventures. The weekly workshops are hands-on and pro-actively fun. For us, there is no better satisfaction than sharing our assets (knowledge), which brings entrepreneurs to the place where they belong: a successful position in the market.

Never forget to give before you get.

3. Fail hard, perform better
I’m sorry to tell you this, but you will fail.
Don’t worry, most of us fail and it doesn’t mean that you will fail hard.
Experiencing and finding out what went wrong is never a fun situation, but they provide you with the one of the greatest lessons you can hope for; knowing what went wrong.
Many successful entrepreneurs failed many times before they actually stumbled onto the idea.

Remember: It took James Dyson 5,126 prototypes and 15 years to develop the successful bagless vacuum cleaner.

So, to sum it up what we just talked about:

Don’t wait for the right time or just expect things to happen.
How would they happen? With magic? You know they won't.
Go out, test your idea on the market, get the feedback you need and start knowing!
The knowledge you gain from all your experiments and feedbacks is worth more than you think. Start sharing it & you will notice that everything comes back around in time.
Finally, don’t be afraid to fail. It’s good to make mistakes as long as you can learn from them and know how to implement the lessons.

Our weekly book recommendation:

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